Thrive Homeschool Coaching Program

Hi there, fellow mom! Do you see yourself in any of these mommies?

Mommy A

You’ve decided to homeschool. Independent, at that. Yay!

But then you ask yourself, “Now what?”

You have no idea what to do next or where to start. You need some guidance as you begin this new and exciting chapter in your life.

Mommy B

You’ve started homeschooling independently.

But now you wonder, “Am I really doing the right thing? What if I’m ruining my child’s education, and his future?” You’re feeling self-doubt, fear, anxiety, even guilt. You need assurance that it’s all going to work out well.

Mommy C

You’ve been homeschooling independently, and are sure you want to continue along this path.

But you just feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and it brings out the “monster mommy” in you.

You know there is a better way, but haven’t figured it out yet. You need more peace and joy in your homeschool days.

I FEEL YOU, fellow mama. I have been all these moms.

But through all of my uncertainties, doubts, and “monster mommy” days, I still knew that homeschooling was (and still is) the best option for our family. By God’s grace, I’ve learned several lessons in the past 10 years of how to homeschool with a little more clarity, less stress, and more fun.

So if you see yourself in any of the mommies mentioned above, and want someone to personally guide and help you through your current homeschool challenges, I invite you to the Thrive Homeschool Coaching Program (for Indie Homeschool Moms).

This one-on-one coaching program will help indie homeschool moms gain 4 Cs:


From fearful and uncertain, to courageous and confident. You’ll have that conviction to know that you are doing what’s best for your child, that you and your child are where you need to be, that you are NOT ruining your child’s future. From self-doubt, you will know that you are capable of instilling in your child a love for learning.

To gain confidence, we will talk about:

  • Mindset
  • Belief
  • Capabilities


From overwhelmed and confused, to a simple and clear path. Amid the sea of homeschooling options, you’ll discover what will work best for you and your child in this season of your life, and that which is aligned to your values. So no pressure to take on the curriculum that’s working for that other family, and no pressure to make your homeschool look like the ones on Pinterest. It’s what works FOR YOU.

To gain clarity, we will talk about:

  • Your goals and values
  • Your child’s interests and the gifts you may be noticing in him/her
  • Curriculum / Learning Resources


From bland and boring, to fun and engaging. You’ll begin to see new ways and possibilities in learning for both your child and you (so you’re not stuck with…textbooks! Which sometimes only leads to *YAWN*). So much to explore, homeschool becomes an adventure! And a major plus: bonding with your child.

To gain creativity, we will talk about:

  • Incorporating subjects or disciplines
  • Learning through play
  • Learning through experiences
  • Learning through different modes and environments


From operating in weakness, to operating in strength — because you have access to the POWER SOURCE. You’ll realize how even more enriching your homeschool journey will be when you have Christ and His Word to guide you through and through.

To gain a more Christ-founded homeschool, prayer, Bible passages and mini-teachings will be incorporated throughout the coaching program.

What You’ll Get:

  • One-on-one Coaching
  • 4 weekly 45-minute Skype sessions
  • Email support throughout the 4 weeks

Throughout this period, you can bring up all your homeschool challenges and questions, so they can be addressed. You can begin to untie the knots, one at a time. You will move forward, gaining confidence and clarity along the way. You will begin to recognize the possibilities as you acknowledge your child’s interests, as well as your strengths. You don’t have to feel alone, scared, stressed, or overwhelmed. You can relax, knowing that you have a companion to guide you in this season of your homeschool journey. Most importantly, you can rest on the foundation of Christ and the promises in His Word.

Investment: P5,000.00

 For inquiries and payment details, send an email to


About Mich Nicolas

Mich Nicolas has been independently homeschooling her only child for 10 years. Her family lives a commuter lifestyle of traveling back and forth, from big city to province. As a professional, she is a writer, editor, and creative consultant. She is also a Bible teacher, and has been counseling women in a faith-based setting for over two decades. She likes fun socks, strong coffee, and making stuffed toys “come to life.” 🙂