Hi there, fellow mom!

I’d like to invite you to a free online Advent retreat that I’m hosting on my FB page. It’s being held in a Facebook group and will be up at least until the end of the year. It’s called “CHRIST IS HERE,” and will be a place for busy moms like you where:

• You can pray and reflect
• You can find room to breathe amid the busyness
• There is no pressure to perform or to be perfect or to have it all together during this season
• You can journey with other moms through this season and to find Christ in each other
• You can prepare to have a more meaningful, peaceful and joyful Christmas

Consider this a peace zone instead of a pressure zone; a place of slowing down instead of hurrying up; a place to relax, and chill, and savor, and hope, and enjoy the wonder of a God who delights in you…the real you.

You can come in and out as you like, just like the way we come in and out of a chapel — with a few minutes of prayer and reflection, or for longer periods for a more immersive experience. Whatever the case, may it be a time you truly encounter Christ.

I will be sharing insights and reflections, prayers and printables, music and other resources along the way to help us all focus on the Reason for the season. You can pick whatever you think you might need…again, no pressure.

If you feel this is for you, or sense God telling you to be part of it, then I encourage you to join the group. It’s totally FREE. Click on this link so I can add you along with other fellow moms. Hope to see you there!

Journeying with you,

Mich 🙂