I’ve encountered moms who say they want to homeschool but are worried about several things, such as whether they can actually homeschool or not, or whether they have what it takes. If you feel the same way, then I’d like to encourage you. Here’s an answer I shared with someone who wanted to homeschool but was worried that she might not be the best teacher for her son:

I think most, if not all, of us go through the self-doubt and the feelings of inadequacy. But if it’s really in your heart to homeschool, then God will equip you for it. Plus the fact that you are your child’s mother—the only one who can love him that way—is more than enough for you to start.


Of course, if there will be certain subjects along the way that you feel someone else should be teaching, then you can hire a tutor, or send him to a homeschool support center for that certain subject.


One of the nice things about homeschooling is you can always tweak/change/improve along the way. If you feel something isn’t working, you can adjust. You also mentioned that you want to impart values. That desire tells me already that you have what it takes…because homeschooling is so much more than academics or head knowledge; it’s helping develop your child as a whole person.


Also, I understand your worries and fears. But maybe they are unfounded. Sometimes, we tend to overthink and worry—oh no, what if this and that happens—but the truth is, most likely it won’t. So much mental stress before we actually do it. But once we start, we realize that it’s doable, especially by God’s grace.


Hope that provides some valuable insight for you, dear mommy. Blessings!


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