Have you ever asked yourself the questions below while considering homeschool, or even while you’ve been homeschooling for quite some time?


“I fear I’m inadequate and not qualified to teach.”

“I’m scared my child won’t learn enough.”

“Oh no, what if I ruin my child’s future?”


Do these questions make you feel stuck? Or worse, make you feel bad about yourself?


These are 3 common fears that I address in my ongoing free online training series entitled, “Break through Fear & Self-doubt so you can finally Start Homeschooling with Confidence.”


If you are experiencing these feelings, know that you are not alone. We’re all human. It’s normal. The good news is you don’t need to be stuck there.


Fear comes from a place of not knowing, and because we don’t know, our minds start to default towards the negatives, and start to be filled with scenarios of what ifs?


In this context, fear has a way of paralyzing us. Because we don’t know, we’d rather not. We’d rather stay where it’s familiar and avoid what we feel might be too risky. But I know you want to break through these barriers. And in video 2 of this training series, I share some tips on how to address these fears. I also share my best tip ever when it comes to homeschooling. And I also share how one mommy got through these anxieties and was able to homeschool her son with much joy.


If you’d like to check out a video excerpt, click here.

And if you want access to the free training series, click here.

Hope you join me!

Which of these fears have you experienced or are experiencing? What other fear might be holding you back? If you’re already homeschooling, what might be the “What ifs?” in your head? Let me know in the comments. 🙂